As the year winds down

The year is quickly wrapping up. Time is flying while by I try and grasp the strings so that I can give everything the attention it deserves.

Harper is already seven months old, growing by leaps and bounds every day. Avery is a little kid at this point fully cognizant of everything going on around her. Harper and I, over the past few months, have grown a great bond (so now she isn’t only a mommies girl anymore). Avery is just Avery. She sings 24/7 (PBS show songs, Frozen songs, etc.), she talks about everything that is interesting to her (constantly), and she lets you know about everything all of the time. She’s helpful around the house and with Harper and Harper is equally obsessed with her.

I feel like I haven’t accomplished a lot this year as most of the energy really went into getting Harper to this point. Things are finally evening out so I feel like I’m reading more (though not at the pace I’d like), writing a bit more (though it is never what I think I should be doing), and even enjoying myself (by getting to play a little more video games).

I look forward to writing my yearly wrap up post about all forms of media that I consumed and perhaps I’ll even break it up into separate posts.


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