First Writing Scenario As Dictated By Someone Else (3)

This is the first time I’ve done something like this. I normally think that writing prompts are hokey and I always like to create from the ground up. In this instance my cousin, Zac, provided me with the following prompt:

Two characters, Harley Masterson and Sven Debichov. He’s an exchange student staying at her house while her brother stays in Russia. She’s in the 6th grade, and he’s in high school. Have fun!

Let’s see how it goes.

– Harley?

– Mmm?

– You’ve been up here all morning. Don’t you want to come downstairs an meet our new guest?

– I miss Jeremy.

– I do too sweets but he’ll be back before you know it. Three months is going to fly by.

– You really think so?

– I do hun. Sven seems like a nice boy.

– His name is Sven? Weird name.

– Harley you’ve known his name since your brother got the exchange program paperwork.

– I know it is just weird hearing it said out loud.

Jeremy had only left the day before but she already felt like a part of her was missing. She spent much of her free time with her brother; saying goodbye wasn’t something she could do. Their mother took him to the airport alone. He had put on his strongest face when he hugged her goodbye. It hurt that he wasn’t more upset.

– Can I have a minute?

– Sure sweets, we’re in the kitchen when your ready. There are still some bagels left but I’d hurry. That boy is eating like he’s never eaten in his life.

– He’s probably never had bagels before.

– Good point. See you in a few.

– Thanks mom.

As she closed the door she caught a look of herself in the mirror. Still in baggy pajamas her gangly arms and legs still seemed to show through. She looked down then back at her reflection in the mirror and back down again. She thought she had a much better perception of herself when looking down. The girl in the mirror was pale with shoulder length blonde hair. In her own head she looked much better. She wiggled her long toes, in her opinion, her favorite feature.

We’ll see more from Harley and Sven tomorrow. Their first meeting.


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