Harley’s Meeting [Fiction] (5)

Sven was seated at the kitchen table still tearing through another bagel. Her mother was at the sink and her father was already at work. He worked in environmental protection. He was usually gone before she woke and home right before bed. She was glad Sven hadn’t showed up on the weekend. That was dad time.

He wasn’t what she’d pictured. Somehow she thought he’d look much more like Jeremy as did all boys his age. Sven was different. He wore baggy ripped jeans a t-shirt with a leather jacket pulled tight over it and his dark features were rounded out by his grease black hair. The hair looked like hard plastic. He looked up to meet her gaze but she quickly averted her eyes. She picked her nails and felt her face get hot.

I’m feeling cheesy writing this. I just thought I’d let you know. Plus I’m writing directly into the browser so hopefully what your getting isn’t too raw or too overwrought.


He sounded funny. She found her voice.


He just looked at her. Never had she felt so uncomfortable. She had nothing to say other than the only thing on her mind.

-Why do you sound so weird?



-It is okay Mrs. Master…umm…son. I do not speak English so well as you. I take the classes in school but Russian is my first language. I don’t have opportunity to speak English so much outside of class.



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