Morning Coffee Writing Habits (7)

This probably won’t be my only post today.

It has been a while since I sat down first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and started to write. I have a routine on the mornings of my day off.

It used to be, before kids and on a weekday, that I would sit down with my cup of coffee and read all of my RSS feeds that were backed up on from the previous week and then I would work into writing, usually before noon, and then spend at least an hour writing. Now the routine works where I wake up take care of the kids (get them their breakfast, bottle, vitamin, etc) then perusing the internet and trying to write anything before I let myself read or play any video games.

Today both kids haven’t yet woke up and I’m punching this one out before real life starts.

You always read about writers routines (it’s one of my favorite things to do because maybe you can capture some of that motivational essence). Some are night writers, morning, late night, all day, etc. I always liked the idea that I could be one who writes by night, after the kids go to sleep, into the late late hours. I can’t. I love my sleep and as soon as the kids heads hit the pillows I want to follow right after.

But the morning with that cup of coffee is where I feel my most productive, lucid, and motivated. It is why it is hard to be the kind of writer I want to be. Everything has to take place, writing wise, before noon (one at the latest) or else I feel like the day has gotten away from me. This, as I said, is really where both kids need the most from me at the same time and writing usually has to fall by the wayside.

And forget the weekend days off. If Cindy and I have the day off together it is usually spent doing something – with the kids or otherwise – and if we aren’t too busy I get too distracted anyway.


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