A Missed Post (8)

We might as well look at my post yesterday as, “called out sick”.

I know I mentioned that when Cindy and I have a day off together I am not very productive, when it comes to writing, but yesterday took the cake.

We had a HARD day being parents yesterday. Possibly our roughest yet in 3 plus years of being parents.

Harper had an epically bad day. These past few nights she’s had a hard time staying asleep at night. It might be the cold. It might be a cold. Honestly we are figuring it out as it goes. She started the day yesterday at 7.30am when in the days before that she was sleeping until at least 9.30am. She still wanted to be asleep and was so upset about it. We napped a bit on the couch but were both up again because of the cold seeping into the apartment.

She basically spent the rest of the day crying. Until 5 or 6 pm. Sure there are some hard times in a parents life but this was hard mostly because it was devastating. We didn’t know how to help her. Like at all. Eventually the “spell” past but Avery fed off of it for the entire day as well. Sigh.

When it came time for everyone to calm down a little I couldn’t even move myself from the couch. Maybe I need a laptop (or really just a Surface Pro 3 ;p)


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