Thoughts on “A Concept” (15)

This post will be furthering the thought behind this post.

So I said, “I’ll tell a stranger my life story but I won’t tell someone I know a thing.”

I was thinking about this the other morning and while it isn’t a new concept by any way of looking at it I more so came to that realization of the way I personally go about things.

With customers I share so much about kids, life, interests, etc. but with people I have a regular relationship people ask, “How is everything?”

And my answer usually is something to the effect of, “Oh you know, just regular, work, kids, life, etc.”

Is this because I think that the story of the day to day just doesn’t seem all that interesting to some hears about it all of the time or something else? I mean I know this person. It should be easy to talk to them.

But then there are people that you do speak with every day and then you let it all out.

With someone new they haven’t heard my stories and possibly won’t hear any more.

Even with regular customers I run out of things to talk about. Unless we are talking about kids then inevitably I have a lot to say.

So, in the end, it seems as opposed to the two metrics I came up with there are really three.

  1. Stranger – share life story
  2. Someone I know – won’t tell a thing
  3. Everyday relationship – I’m going to vent everything to you but since you already know me there isn’t anything to learn

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