This Is How You Lose Her [Book Review] (17)

This was meant to be posted yesterday. I’ll write three separate posts tomorrow. Look forward to it 😉

This is my first Junot Diaz book. I have always wanted to read The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao as you always see and hear it talked about. And for the past two years or so I have seen This Is How You Lose Her everywhere I turn. I finally got my hands on a book by Junot Diaz and at first I wasn’t sure I cared.

For the first 75 – 100 pages (and it is only 213 pages) I wasn’t sure why I should care that I was reading this. The main character was a horrible, self absorbed, in denial sorry excuse for a character. And it seemed from the get go that all I was going to get was an answer as to why.

Yunior has had a hard life but he does nothing redeeming to give you some sympathy for his plight.

Something finally clicks for him, things take a further turn for the worse, and you find yourself hoping for him. He comes to terms with himself. The opening chapter and the final pages of the last chapter provide a wonder dichotomy.

There is a short story in the middle providing another love story to two different characters. I’d be interested in looking at its placement (what, why, its commentary on the rest of the story). For now I’ll be content saying that I’m a big fan.


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