Reality vs. The Cloud (18)

The hardest thing to come by with my resolution is time. It isn’t even an idea of what to write which I feel like is, often enough, my problem. I’ve had no lack of ideas, creative projects, books reviews, etc. to write though I am wondering what I’ll write for a third post today. Yes yes I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. This is only the first of the day but I have another idea planned for the day and perhaps if I finish reading the graphic novel I’m reading that might be able to round out the third post. Or you can feel free to comment (here, on Facebook, etc.) with something you’d like to see me write about.

I was walking the dog last night and was thinking that I could easily make posts about social issues, commentary, politics or the like but that isn’t really my thing. I don’t educate myself well enough on those issues to have an opinion and the moment you have an opinion you alienate yourself and your readers. Even if most, if not all, of my readers are similar in thought to myself.

I’m feeling very outside of myself right now. The stream of conscious is going and I find that I’m not articulating thought the way that I normally do. Not that I can really convey that to you. Perhaps with more talent ;).

It just feels that where my normal train of thought is instead replaced with a cloud. This train of thought rests below that trying to push through and I can feel it pushing at the barriers. Almost like reality trying to push through sleep. Perhaps I’m not awake enough.


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