The Newest Experiment (20)

So young and she's already leaving us for Starfleet Academy. 😢

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This idea was meant to be my third post yesterday. The end of the day really doesn’t work for me when it comes to writing though. By the end of January I would like to have a post for every day of the month. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just a few days with multiple post days. Four to be exact. To be even more precise that is 4 out of the next 7 days need at least two posts in them. I make promises to post a lot, to you, but it is really so I feel obligated to do it. I am still really happy with yesterday’s posting. Especially the Harley and Sven fiction that I hadn’t revisited since early this month.

Okay so I’m hoping that you can see the picture above because I’m not sure how well Instagram’s embedding service works.

If you can you can see that our youngest is leaving us to join Starfleet. Ahh they grow up so fast.

I got the idea for writing about my Instagram photos from my good friend/mentor/librarian Beth Kattleman. Thank you so much.

What I really want to do with this idea though is to take a picture that I would normally take and turn it into fiction. Create a living breathing story based on it. I think that was her idea and I intend to follow through on it.

I do have a picture that I took last night but I’m not totally in love with the exposure on it. I’m using a new photo app and I’m not yet a master of its settings. Nor, probably, will I ever be.

Till later today (or tomorrow).


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