The One About Snow (21)

Usually I would have written this post at work on a Sunday but I didn’t have access to a computer. Oh well.

The only thing I have in my head right now – this late at night – is the impending (supposedly really real) snow storm.

I not sure how a foot of snow will affect things for myself. I imagine I’ll still get to work on Tuesday morning but the travel home might be a little more arduous. I suppose if things are looking really bad then work might not happen though I prefer to be out when snow creates a ghost town.

I still remember a time when I was a teenager and the snow was really bad. My friend Harry and I lay down in the middle of a normally busy street and there wasn’t a car in sight. I think we then proceeded to walk to Target.

I remember another bad snow storm that Cindy and I went out walking in (this was on Long Island). I think the snow finally penetrated our shoes and pants (I don’t think we were properly equipped) and we then went into the Sunrise Mall only to discover that there wasn’t a soul there and the mall was closing. I think our original destination was Tower Records but obviously like any sane business – they were closed.

Yet another snow storm, most likely the Blizzard of ’96, Harry (again) and I dug into a giant snowdrift on the side of his house. We basically turned the thing into a giant igloo with only our breath to harden the walls around us. Just thinking about it now makes me claustrophobic.

I have fond memories of snowstorms. I hope this one doesn’t let me down.


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