This Post (About Coffee) Won’t Be For Everyone (22)

For all my coffee friends out there this post will just be silly. For those who don’t care all that much about coffee might roll their eyes. So why am I writing this? Eep. I wanted to. And it is my only idea today.

So coffee only tastes good scalding hot or ice cold, right?

Think about this. There are those out there who like craft beer. I dabble in it but I claim to be no expert but I often find that it exercises my palette much in the same way that coffee does. You can get tasting notes of citrus, oak, chocolate, etc. It can also be dry like a wine. We are still talking about beer here but to the untrained palette that same beer might just taste bitter so instead they reach for an Iced Cold Coors Light. Why do you think your local supermarket always advertised ‘Iced Cold Beer’? It is an old way of thinking. Your tongue can’t perceive anything other than cold when it comes to those beers.

I often make the joke that those beers need to be “two mountain cold” to enjoy but that is where the joke lies. It is true. Have you ever tasted one of those beers as it approaches room temperature. It’s god awful. That last sip is like drinking the last sip of tea with the tea bag still in the cup (another no no), it’s just awful and bitter.

Coffee works much in the same way. As long it is of a higher quality. You actually want to drink it as it cools. The cup actually changes. It is sweeter. The perceived acidity is higher and no I’m not talking about that bitter acid that comes from your coffee just sitting on the burner too long.

I often have customers come in and wonder I am really putting almond, cashew, pomegranate, citrus, blackberry, etc. into their coffee. Nope. But coffee can make you taste all of those things. The variety of different ways coffee can taste is far larger than that of any other beverage or food in the world.

Coffee is also the most easily recognizable smell.

That’s all I have for you. Just some food coffee for thought.


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