Last Attempt at Survival [Fiction] (26)

Last ditch attempt at survival.

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The sun rose on my face. Today would be my last day to live if I didn’t get food. 

He’d only eaten one of the children that built him. A little boy named Jack.

His digestive system didn’t work the same as you or I. He could only eat children. They were the only ones small enough. And then he didn’t have teeth. Those that built him weren’t so kind (or demonic) to provide him with such a thing. So he had to freeze them to death so that he could assimilate them into his body.

Tonight would be the time. The day hours had become too dangerous. Someone was always looking for Jack. Someone was bound to notice the screams of another child.

A little girl approached me during the twilight hours of that day. There hadn’t been a cloud in the sky all day. Just now it looked like snow. Still I needed food. I took my chance. Thank the maker. 

But the child proved a little too lively for the dying snowman. Halfway through the freezing of Susie the snowman perished only to become a pile of snow. Susie lay dying in the mouth of the snowman and by morning she had frozen to death. Fresh snow coated the ground and the world was silent.

Everyone would assume some teenagers had made some modifications to the snowman during the night. Even those that built the snowman would find the child hanging out of a snowman’s mouth humorous.

Until the snow melted no one would know where little Susie had disappeared to. It would be assumed the same fate had befallen Jack. No one thought to look at the disturbing portraiture of a snowman. That is until Susie was found in a pile of melted snow on a warm February afternoon.

Okay so my fiction has definitely been dark. But this one and the thunderstorm I find just a little bit funny. And I think I’m particularly proud of the two I’ve written today.


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