Harley’s Dilemma [Fiction] (28)

I wrote this in my notebook last night. I never made it back to the computer to post it.

To say that Sven was popular at school was probably an understatement. Girls fawned over him (hanging a jealousy chord inside of me that I didn’t fully understand or knew existed) and guys (even the JV football team) wanted to be him. There was a significant uptick in the amount of leather jackets worn to school. The only solace I found in this was that he didn’t seem comfortable with all of the attention.

The bell rang freeing us from the last class of the day; I began the trek from the second floor to the school’s entrance (where Sven and I always met to walk home). It had become the most exciting part of my day – the only time where Sven and I were really alone. As I walked down the stairs I smoothed the pleats of my denim blouse and when I made my way into the first floor hallway I checked my reflection in the water fountain (just to make sure my wispy hair lay flat). When had I become this person?

I saw Sven standing on the front steps of the school, facing the street, and my heart skipped a beat. He turned to look through the open doors and down the hall to see if I was coming. When he spotted me I waved and flashed a grin. He smiled back as he combed back his recently tousled hair (probably from some girl).

I didn’t know it yet but I was infatuated with this boy. I wouldn’t properly understand it until he left at the end of the semester to return to Russia.


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