Sealed With A Kiss [Fiction] (30)

The edge’s are blurry but the silhouette is still there. She raises the lighter to her face and lights the cigarette. She offers you the lighter.

– I don’t smoke.

Is what you want to say though the words don’t come out.

She places a cigarette on her lips and lights it for you. The only features you make out on her face is the red lipstick that cuts through the gloom. She places it on your lips. You inhale. And cough.

– First time?

You still can’t answer. Your mouth is sealed with smoke.

– Take another drag darling.

You inhale. A wave of euphoria washes over you. You take the cigarette out of your mouth and see the red lipstick on the tip of the filter. Sealed with a kiss.

When you go to speak you instead wake up. Never a smoker, you suddenly need a cigarette.


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