The Harper Whisperer (32)

Opening multiple days takes it’s toll on you.

The whole family took a two hour nap when I got home from work today. Though it (everyone napping) is never quite as easy as that with two kids. First Cindy, who is sick, went to lay down. Then I lay down on the couch. Avery who loves to nap on the couch wasn’t into it. And don’t even get me started on Harper… that kid loves to be awake. But I’m the Harper Whisperer. This is a joke I have going with Cindy.

I am talented at getting Harper to go to sleep. But I don’t do anything special. In this instance all that happened was that every one else was asleep so Harper was probably like, “F- it,” and went to sleep as well. Avery fell asleep on the other couch. A well spent afternoon.

At night all I do is cuddle Harper close give her a bottle, that she normally likes to feed to herself, and that’s it. She fights it sometimes but since Cindy isn’t as good at this I have self dubbed myself “The Harper Whisperer”.


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