Running Man (35)

Today I ran for the first time since last May. Eek.

I had been biking all spring, summer and fall so I wasn’t exactly out of shape though since winter has hit I couldn’t say that I’m in shape. I’ve been eating a lot less sugar and taking care of myself to the best of my ability (and actually losing a few pounds in the process) but nothing compares to sweating it all out. It makes me feel like my body is running cleaner. I’d like to keep it going.

Even when I start biking (if it is ever warm again) I would like to keep running. I’ll be ultra fit. And then when I get my shoulder fixed I want to start doing P90X. Have to maintain that youthful vitality right? Plus it brings with it a peaceful mind and a sense of accomplishment.

That is what this year is all about.


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