Scratching The Itch (37)

I realize I have not been writing a lot of fiction lately, that, for me, being my main purpose for writing here. I am scratching that itch and exercising that muscle so I’ve been a little disappointed with myself about it. Even though I just had three days off I just didn’t get into that headspace. I think tomorrow I’m going to go there anyway and see what happens.

I do realize, for those out there who do not know me as well as others, that you might be learning something about me. That makes me happy. This year will definitely end up chronicling something. Not to mention that it is helping keep my fingers warm – so to speak.

As I continue through I would like for these posts to get longer and longer. I have a tendency when speaking about myself to keep it short and sweet. Sometimes I think that affects my fiction as well. I leave a lot of assumptions to the reader when sometimes – not all of the time – the reader could use my guidance into the world being created around them. If I share more of my life I think my characters will share more of themselves and the worlds around them.

Everything lives and breathes, even those characters, and you should be able to feel it as I do.


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