Forgot To Post Yesterday (39)

It was at the back of my mind yesterday, all day. I just never made it to the computer to post. As I was falling asleep I remembered. I felt so guilty.

I’ve been opening the past three days, today included.

Today started fashion week. Which for business is nuts. I had no concept of Fashion Week before I started working in Chelsea. It is a bizarre concept in it of itself. You get all these strangely dressed people coming into the store and about 100 photographers that just hang out in front of the store sipping their coffees and smoking their cigarettes until 1 even more oddly dressed person shows up and every one snaps their picture. I suppose it is like the fashion version of the red carpet.

These designers will decide on what the people who have a lot more money than you and I will wear for the next 6 months or so. It is as eye roll worthy as it sounds.


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