An Update (42)

With this post we are 47 days into the year so I’m 5 posts behind. Over the past week I’ve just been finding it hard to get to the computer.

I think I can use some inspiration. I’d like two words from someone I haven’t yet heard from. Two words that I can create something from. They don’t have to be sequential (ex. fiery kitten). They could just be two random words (ex. yes drum).

I’m in the middle of two books so I have no book review coming up.

I could tell you to go listen to the new Father John Misty album. Or the new song from Sufjan Stevens.

I could tell you that the fiction book I’m reading now, by Daniel Handler, We Are Pirates, I didn’t like at first but I like it now.

I could tell you that I’m also reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma as well and it is making me question everything I eat.

Kind of a little of everything.

Apologies for not having more.


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