Neoprene Lizard [Fiction] (42)

Thank you to Beth for the words “Neoprene Lizard”.

It’s dark. You’re waiting out in the cold – alone. The only tracks in the blanket of white are your own. Everyone knows where you’ve been and where you are going. If you rewind time the virgin snow lays untouched. Fast forward and it becomes gray mush shoveled and tossed away.

A silver bullet lies in wait a station away the only indicator a red ring encompassing the letter “Q”. You can’t read the letter you just know it is there. Trust based on experience.

As the train pulls into the station a light fluff of snow that you can’t see whips at your face. It travels through your too loose scarf and down your shirt. It quickly melts on your chest sending a violent chill throughout your body.

You kick your boots off on the frame of the train doors. For some reason the train is packed, even this early in the morning. You’ll have to stand. The train must have been running late.

Leaning up against the door you notice this girl. How could you not? Everyone else on the train is dressed in dark colors, grays, dark blues, etc. It is though the worlds color palette hasn’t yet woken up. Not this girl. She wears a red velvet peacoat begging the world not to notice. But that’s not all. She wears neoprene lizard print tights. They must be plastic right? I mean look at how shiny. NOTICE ME.

Trust me. I’m looking.

Almost as an afterthought to the rest of the ensemble she wears a knitted multicolored headband. It frames the rest of her face and makes you follow her black hair down to her shoulders where it contrasts brilliantly with that immaculate red coat. She wears the headband as though it were a crown. Believe it or not, among all this, lies this tiny face. Sharp features, almost masculine, but yet her beauty is so striking you can’t believe you didn’t notice it first. Planted in the middle of her face is this enormous nose. Again, is it unattractive? Maybe alone, but on that face, oh my god that face.

After all this you realize you’ve been staring. For quite some time. And she’s looking back. Uh oh. She has eyes. And then, for a moment, they lock with yours. Just a moment. You look down immediately. How long did she notice you staring? What color were those eyes. You have to look back. Good she’s looking elsewhere. What color are they?

Brown. Mmm. Like perfect hazelnuts.

You’re staring again but this time you want her to lock eyes with you. It’s like a drug. Just another millisecond. You’ll hold her gaze longer this time. And…BANG! The pair of you lock on each other again but you can’t do it. Eyes back down.

The train is making stop after stop and you’re just hoping she won’t get off. Just once more. Meet my gaze once more. I’ll smile this time. You’ll know. And I’ll know.

And there it is you are smiling and she’s smiling and oh man it’s wonderful. But you’ve already looked down. You’ve shared too much intimacy with this stranger but you want more.

The train stops and she gets off. She doesn’t even look back.

Twenty minutes later, you move on with your day and you can’t remember what she was wearing let alone what she looked like. You just know that there was a girl.

Tomorrow there will be a new drug.


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