The Gaping Hole (45)

It has been an interesting few days to say the least. We had to say goodbye to Cindy’s grandfather.

I wasn’t as close to the man as I could, or maybe should, have been but that doesn’t make his loss any less of a gaping hole – especially in my wife’s life.

It felt sudden in the way that it felt sudden when my grandfather passed away. He was just someone that just seems like they will always be there. And then they aren’t. It’s just one of those things that you can’t grasp no matter how hard you try. I think that is perhaps the saddest part.

Because of course who wants to pass away? I don’t think the thought won’t ever terrify me. But that doesn’t mean that we want our loved ones to suffer either. So we hope, and I hope, that after all of this that there is a better place to go so we know that they “are in a better place” because it’s just too hard to imagine someone truly being gone or even if we are too afraid to admit it, being gone ourselves.


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