Leonard Nimoy (49)

I have never – and possibly won’t again – written a post about the passing of a celebrity. I had never known them, met them, etc. I suppose that isn’t 100% true so I don’t really have a reason to write this. Except for I felt compelled by something to do so. That reason could be any number of things really: from having just lost someone close to me to not being on my anti-anxiety medication for the past few days (just need to pick up my prescription).

Regardless I’m saddened by the passing of Leonard Nimoy. By no measure did he have an effect on my life in the way that he did for countless other bigger Star Trek fans than I. But with the advent of new Star Trek movies with J.J. Abrhams at the helm I was intrigued.

So Cindy and I saw Star Trek in theaters and we loved it. So I bought the original series on Blu-Ray and so began my obsession. Again, nothing in measure to a true fan. And then I went back and watched the Star Trek movie again and loved all the nods to the original series namely the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy. Not that I didn’t know who he was before all this. I just gained an affection for him and his portrayal of this iconic character over the years.

And so we’ve lost him and I just wanted to express my sadness over his passing. I wanted to express my gratitude for his body of work (including those that I haven’t personally seen) and my deepest condolences to his family.


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