A Project For April (52)

For the month of march or April I had/have a big project in mind.

It won’t thusly happen in March (1. because we are already in March). I realize that’ll actually take some time to pull together. It’ll actually be fitting that it take place in April since it is the month that I turn 30. I’ll need to pull out some reference notes and things in wanted to do to the original piece.

What I am talking about is my little novella. In going to 100% re-write it. I’m going to add where needed, subtract as well and keep the sentences that I loved so much; everything else must go. It’ll keep with my goal of writing 100 % new content each day. I’ll only post what I re-write that day and there won’t be any editing. You’ll get me in all of my flawed glory. I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve thought about a basic idea of writing a brand new novel later this year, probably November or December, when this project has, for better or worse, taken it’s toll on my writing.


This will be the last time I mention it but I can’t stop thinking about “We Are Pirates”. How could I love the prose so much and the story end up so lackluster and all over the place.


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