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I’ve been writing a lot of my posts on my phone using Microsoft OneNote and the amazing Word Flow keyboard. Though it isn’t ideal there are a lot of times I’m not in front of a computer and able to post. This is the next best thing; I’m able to type it out at a quick enough pace that I don’t lose my train of thought.

I was happy to have the last two days off. Yesterday and the day before. Though I was only able to get, I think, four posts (maybe three) out I feel like I got all the ideas out from under my belt and made a step in catching up to the right amount of posts for the year. I think with this one I’m still six or seven behind (how’d that happen).

The only problem – I probably would have kept posting – was that I ran out of ideas and didn’t want to write this post saying so.

So once again I’m vetting fresh ideas that I can base a new post on. It doesn’t have to be fiction related. It can be about media of some kind, a story about myself, or anything you can think of. Give me a picture and I’ll write a story, two me about a moment in your life that was memorable and I’ll come up with something comparable. Anything goes. Comments here or on Facebook are the best.

Thank you for support in my venture.


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