An Amalgamation of Things (59)

Factoring in missed posts and everything that I want to accomplish today I should write four other posts other than this one. I hope to write at least two fiction related posts, and the other two I’m not sure. Maybe they’ll all be fiction.

I’ve spent the whole day up until now trying to write anything so I’m behind the game.

There isn’t any interesting news that I have to comment on and I’m not likely to finish a book today so that leaves out a book review.

I do want to read Neil Gaiman’s new short story collection – one that has a new American Gods story in it – but I have a few other books in front of that before I get started on it.

I’m waiting on some news – that I’ll probably wait all week for – that I hopefully won’t be disappointed by. It is a dream if it comes true.

I’ve thought about running a Kickstarter for the rewrite of my book. The rewrite will conclude at the end of April. The Kickstarter, if I were to do one, would start after that. Would anyone be interested?


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