To Dream [Fiction] (66)

As with most posts this one is grounded in reality. I know the stories that are being told here but this character is not me for I’ve just met him.

Sleep is my favorite venture. Many do not like to sleep for the simple reason that they feel like they will miss something. So you end up dealing with the perpetually sleep deprived, grouchy, and ultimately bad decision making greater population of the world. My story, short as it may be, will hopefully change that for some of you out there.

We all have that dream. You’re running from something. For me it’s been a scarecrow, an alien or general unseen being. It could even be someone hunting you. What the whole thing encompasses is that dread of being caught. Whether this translates to something in the real world (an impending deadline, not wanting to do something in the coming days, etc.) or not is inconsequential; you don’t want to be caught. But no matter how good your hiding spot danger lurks right behind you because after all aren’t we just chasing ourselves. We all know our best hiding spots.

And here’s the kicker. You wake up in a cold sweat trying to distance yourself from the dream because if we go to sleep too soon after there’s a chance we might return to our nightmare.

But we all go back to sleep. Because we love sleep? Maybe. Are we sadists? Some of us. But no, it’s because we want to dream again. We want to dream bigger. Our best ideas are contained in dreams that just slip away in the ether the moment we peel ourselves from the bed sheets.

So I ask you, is sleep all that bad?

The world could use a few more dreamers. And a few less grouchy people. If we all dreamt and failed (that nightmare) then we would lose our lives to sleep deprivation. So like Proust says, “If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.


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