The makings of a vivid dream (67)

I know I’ve been bad about posting lately. I have a lot of make-up work to do but when I get into it I write four posts like I did the other day. This is a dream I had the other night and was able to jot it down on the train ride to work that morning before it completely slipped away.

I was deciding on whether or not I should take a ride with my brother, Ben, because the train wasn’t running.

Not that this was a train station I had ever been to.

I asked him if I could drive for the first part of the ride because I love driving. He said no, that the city part of the drive was too tough (funny thinking about my brother telling me this sort of thing when I’m older than him). We were then walking along and my friend Harry appears out of the ether.

Ben and Harry walked off and like magic the train was running again. Now I’m on the train platform but I need something to eat.

I don’t know where to find the food and a random someone offers to show me to where it is. It is awkwardly placed at the end of the train platform. It is a sort of pop-up sandwich shop.

A spanish lady starts making my sandwich asking me, “Tomatoes, pickles,” and to each one I say yes. She starts to put something that looks like chicken on the sandwich and I tell her I’m vegetarian. She laughs and I barely english she shows me that it is eggplant. She says that she can’t speak english anymore and asks if I can speak Spanish. I’m thinking no but I say, “pequeño”. She keeps speaking in english with no attempt to say any Spanish words.

Then I’m going around the counter to retrieve my sandwich, now wrapped in foil, for a reason that makes no sense to me. In the process I bump into a sandwich with whole mushrooms placed on it in a grid pattern. I knock a couple off and make my way from behind the counter. A different lady I hadn’t seen up until this point asks me if I’ve knocked this sandwich down. I say yes though now the sandwich has only one or two mushrooms left. The lady is looking for them on the floor and in a drawer but they’ve disappeared.

I take my wrapped sandwich to a window that has an expansive view (like the cloud city in Star Wars) and then I go to the train which is arriving. The train says that it has three minutes until it departs. And I don’t have my sandwich. I’m thinking “fuck it” but I really don’t want to waste the 5+ dollars I’ve spent on it. I run to go get it. It must be on the ledge by the window.

As I’m running up the stairs, and everyone is getting in my way, my alarm is blaring and I feel robbed of the rest of the experience.


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