Sven’s Girlfriend [Fiction] (69)

She couldn’t believe it. He had a girlfriend! The indignity. Didn’t he know how she felt? Didn’t she make it known?

Well, maybe, no not really. I mean she “accidentally” touched his hand as often as she could. And the time time that they took the bus together to the mall; their legs touched the whole time. The. Whole. Time. How could he not know? How could he not feel the way she felt?

And seriously. Susie. What kind of name is that? It sounded like a kids name. Shouldn’t she be going by Susan now if she were so old and mature?

He was probably only dating her because she was his age. That and boobs, probably. Harley hadn’t the slightest shred of puberty.  It was so unfair. Harley bet if she had boobs Sven might actually look at her the way he looked at Susie. She sounded it out in her head like, “Suuusie”.

On the bus ride home from school each day Sven didn’t even sit with Harley anymore. They always sat together. Those were two glorious months and now they were over. The reign of Susie had begun.

Thinking about all of this she seethed over her bowl of Cheerios that had grown to twice their size in the milk.

– If you stare any harder at the bowl the milk might boil.

– Ha ha. Not funny dad.

He was on his way out of the door.

– Sweetie you know Sven is quite a bit older that you?

– It’s only two years.

– Yeah but at this age that is a world of difference.

– How’d you know anyway?

– I mean his name is all over your notebooks.

– No I mean how’d you know he had a girlfriend.

– I didn’t but you’ve been moping about the house for just about two weeks now.

Had it already been that long?

– Like I said hun he’s 13 and well… he’s leaving in a few months anyway.

And like that the wind of anger was knocked out of her sails. Suddenly this bump in the road seemed insignificant to the fact that in three short months she wouldn’t even be able to talk to Sven anymore.


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