Too Soon [Fiction] (70)

We all want to know how our story ends; that we’ll live happily ever after or some bullshit like that. Maybe we’ll have a house and kids or maybe we’ll rock the single life forever confusing all those who choose to settle down and have a family. But that isn’t happily ever after. Something comes after that. Sorry to say, we all die.

Sure there is someone, countless people really, trying to figure out how we (but mostly they; we are selfish as a species) can live forever. Get over it. We can’t. And what kind of sorry world would it be if we could. That is why every immortal being (we’re taking supernatural here) has a weakness. Vampires: Sun and stakes; zombies: lack of brain; and so on and so forth. Granted all these stories are written by people and there has to be a consequence to living forever.

I just don’t understand why I had to die so young.


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