Today is the 85th day of the year. Crazy I know. I’ve also missed a post three days in a row now. I don’t like writing these posts because they are redundant, and me saying so has become redundant, but I also want to assess where I am with this project as much for you as it is for myself. Taking us through March 31st that should bring the math up to 91 days. And this is the 71st post. So I am 20 posts behind. This means with 6 days, including today, that I have to write a little over 3 posts a day. But I have tomorrow and Saturday off so I should be able to write more than 3 each of the next two days.

I absolutely have to catch up by the end of this month if I am to do the rewriting of my book. On the plus side some, or at least one or two, of these posts will be about the process of rounding up all of my notes to make sure this goes off as flawlessly as possible.

And with writing every day I’ve found, more and more, that the only thing worth writing seems to be fiction. That and book reviews, of which the reading of the books I have fallen behind on.


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