Running (72)

I am trying to get back in shape. I have run twice in the past week. Before that I ran one time a month before that. And before that it had been since last May. I haven’t had this long of a gap in my running schedule in a long long time. I basically had run at least once a week, at the very least, and 5 or 6 times, at the most, for at least the past 5 years. Perhaps even longer than that. I have been some form of running or in shape since high school with little hiatus’s interspersed in there.

Lately I’d been noticing that I would have to catch my breath after climbing a lot of stairs. Not cool. And I’m more achey when I’m not in shape. I haven’t properly exercised since I stopped riding my bike when it got too cold to bike to work.

These recent runs were hard, but not insanely so, because everything burns. Your body is fighting back against you. My lungs felt it the hardest. It feels as though they are trying to stretch out but they aren’t used to it. Just like when your quads burn from climbing too many stairs when you aren’t used to it. Or the same way your arms burn the next day after carrying a lot the prior day.

The second run was less hard on my lungs and maybe more so on my legs. I ran about the same speed both days but the second day felt a lot less taxing. I’ll run again today before taking a day off to let everything heal.

I really savor getting back into shape. The burn and tenderness always let you know that you are working toward something. After that, once you are in shape (and it only really takes me two weeks), it becomes a little harder to quantify. You have to push yourself every time to get faster, build your lung capacity, etc. And you don’t really get that muscle tenderness. Once and a while you can get some new lung burning or muscle cramps that you have to work through.

I really love exercising. And tying it back to writing you are literally working out. Just like creatively it can be hard to start off once you get into the swing of it you can take it for granted.

The things that I do I love so much and I throw myself into them whole heartedly. So I’m always pretty good at the things that I do. There is only so much time and I worry that because I enjoy so much that I will always be only okay at any one of the things that I do.


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