Michael’s Reluctance [Fiction] (75)

He took the razor to his face for the first time in years. The straight razor made a sound against his skin as though he were scraping wood. He didn’t even have shaving cream in the house. Not that he thought he needed it. In his early twenties this was a nightly routine before he’d go out to the bar looking for someone new to sleep with. Now he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had sex.

Not that it mattered. The endless nights of one night stands had never made him feel any more fulfilled. Or any less at odds with the person he thought that he should be. The days of high school still haunted him.

And now he was shaving his beard to look like the person he was ten years ago. This was a mistake. But now his face was already half shaved.

He couldn’t believe Julie had talked him into this.

He stared back at the face in the mirror and didn’t see himself. He saw a scared 18 year old ready to piss his pants at the next barrage of insults.

Only now could he see that this person in the mirror was the only person who could change his life. And the time for the change was now.

Deep down he knew he was going to this reunion to put these demons to rest.


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