The Girl With Two Faces [Fiction] (76)

The girl he met the week before wasn’t the one he was looking at today. Today he was looking at a hard as nails woman with close cropped hair, one diamond stud in each ear, and a fierce gaze he couldn’t meet.

The girl a week ago had long flowing brown hair, red candy nail polish, and some in an same shirt of way.

If it weren’t for the distinct Marilyn Monroe birthmark and crystal blue eyes he’d have been sure this was a different person. This was no Clark Kent/Superman scenario. He was just looking at a different version of Emily.

– Hi, um, I’m here for the interview you told me to come in for.

He could even speak properly to this person he had just shared a coffee with the previous Saturday.

– Black suit. Nice.

-Uh. Yeah. Will I be interviewing with you?

-Ha. No. I’m just a junior partner. Remember?

Wasn’t she going to mention the difference in how she looked?

-I like, your, um, your haircut.

His tongue would not leave his mouth properly.

-Oh that, that’s just a wig. People are more intimidated by the short hair.

-Couldn’t imagine that.

She laughed.


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