Prologue Part 1 (81)

The story I’m about to share with you has been a point of contention for my entire life. I’ve never really come to terms with it and so I’ve decided to chronicle it here so that I can find some peace.

This story isn’t something I’ve ever shared the gristly – though that makes it sound like a meaty story; it’s not – details about. I’ve blocked it out only talking about that summer in quips and comments, never elaborating further when pressed.

I’ve been in a relationship with the most wonderful woman for the past eight years. I would love to marry this girl but I have a fear that the moment that happens, somehow, I’ll lose her.

Not that I’m afraid I’ll lose her if I don’t. She isn’t the type. No, I love this woman and I love the symbolism. Why not marry the two. So I have to figure this out.


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