Chapter 2 Part 1 (88)

The fateful walk downstairs only serves to further encapsulate that tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation. I basically become unpaid labor the only growth taking place not in my piggy bank but in my “character” – as my mother would put it. At this point my character should be taller than the Empire State Building. But alas I’m only five feet nine inches; towering in comparison to my classmates but pale when compared to a building.

All that is in between myself and the front door of this building – until I return in the last week of August – are a few flights of stairs and a long hallway. Then I’m in the clutches of the beasts that raised me.

I must have been adopted. Maybe this will be the summer that I do a mail order paternity test. There is no way my blood is the same as theirs. The parents are both brunettes and I get hair that would look better as the collar of a fur coat.

I make it down the stairs only to be met by the gaze of my bullies. Four of them. Great.

Will, their leader of sorts, is a brutish, overweight, paler than me (somehow), imposing figure. Though I’m taller than him I still feel small in his presence. Will possibly should have been the most unpopular person in school but in order to counteract his physical disfigurement he just beats up anyone who dares make fun of him.

As you may have guessed this was an area where my mouth got me into trouble.


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