Chapter 2 Part 2 (89)

Will’s face had this habit turning a brilliant shade of pink every time he was angry, happy, sad, or anything other than asleep. Behind his back he had a not so flattering nickname: Piggly Willy. Can’t imagine who made it up. I think if he found out that he was called this let alone that I was the one who made up the name, I might actually be killed. Dramatic? I don’t think so. You haven’t met this kid.

“Finally going back to your shit box of a home?” he yelled down the hall.

I locked up, as usual, not even able to think of a way out of this. All that came to mind was that I didn’t think my house was a shit box and that this hallway was the only way out of the building unless I jumped through a window.

“Uh, yeah,” I said and then what didn’t say was, unless you kill me first.

Every fantasy I ever had involved me pounding Will’s face into mush but when it came down to it all I could do was cower.

“Maybe you shouldn’t even come back. Freak. No one likes you. Where’d you even come from?”

I guess I never told him so I answered, “Walden.” Always such a wise ass.

“You think you’re funny Thoreau?”

“Uh, no. Not that Walden.”

“What’d you say?” he screamed.

And then I was on the floor, my face throbbing.

Fall to the floor. Keep your eyes shut. Damn Will’s face was basically apple colored. You’re a punching bag. Let each of those pairs of feet into your pulp of a body. It’ll hurt less. I feel myself being carried. Don’t open your eyes. Maybe these are the paramedics.

Why aren’t there ever teacher’s around for this?

Though I’ve been to classes beaten, bruised and with torn up clothes never once have I been asked, “Hey Mr. Awesome. Are you feeling okay? You look awful.”

I’m blind.

When I open my eyes I can’t see a thing. It smells sour as though something has crawled up my nose, died, and is now proceeding to offend every other sense in the process. My body is on fire. My eyes are watering with tears. If it is from the sour smell or the pain I can’t tell. My mouth tastes like socks. Can we not talk about why I know what socks taste like?


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