Chapter 3 Part 1 (91)

As I walk out of the main entrance of the Xavier dorms I look back at the building trying to imagine the first time – wishing it was my last. Xavier – the entirety of the school – is only three buildings that lay side by side each other. From the exterior each one is identical to the next; four stories high, the width of a mini mall (containing about 4 or 5 storefronts), and all the depth of the Three Stooges (my parents favorite TV show). But in all seriousness Xavier is on a huge plot of land and the buildings go as far back as a city avenue. If you still aren’t getting it the buildings look like really long airplane hangers. Good enough description for you?

On a good year this school holds about 100 captives per class; 1300 in total. There is no way to know everyone but it isn’t for lack of design. There is only 1 entrance to each building, two of those buildings being the dormitories (one building housing K through grade 5 and the other grade 6 through 12), and three emergency exits. Each student must funnel through two of the same doors every day creating a great amount of traffic if you are actually trying to be on time to your classes (which I am not) and thus being forced (or coerced) into interacting with each other.

Most often you’ll know most, if not all, of the students from your class year and few others. Basically you’ll be noticed by the ones you don’t want to be noticed by.


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