Chapter 5 Part 5 (105)

After breakfast I laid out all the tools I’d need: a hatchet for the sapling-sized weeds, a shovel for reclaiming the flower beds, a weed whacker (gas-powered), a push lawn mower (because why not work harder?), and a rake for cleaning up all of the odds and ends.

I started by hacking at the roots of the monster weeds. The flesh of it gave way making the most challenging part the removal of all of the roots from the ground. It was only after I fell the giant weeds that I cut them into smaller pieces, tying them up with twine, and leaving them at the curb for pickup.

For the flower beds and the bases of the shrubs I had to reclaim them from the rest of the lawn. The top layer I threw away and tilled the rest of the soil so that perennials could be planted later in the week.

I used the weed whacker to create edges where the lawn was nearest to the sidewalk and, well, I’m sure you could figure out what I was able to accomplish with the lawn mower.

When I had finished it was 1 P.M. I stood back and marveled at my work. It made me think about maintenance like this around the rest of the world and that if we would just let it nature would come back and reclaim what was rightfully theirs.


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