Some Life Updates (110)

There’s hasn’t necessarily been a lot going on behind the scenes in my life but the few things that have been going on have been big enough. One, we might say, is huge (at least for me).

The first is that I finally, the “finally” here pertaining more my needs, got a new bike. I got a Giant Escape 3. The biggest thing is that it is significantly lighter than my previous bike (10 to 11 pounds based on an old Schwinn catalog; if you didn’t know my old bike was a 1979 Schwinn (it was a tank)). It is a big deal because it means that I don’t have to carry that extra weight up a four floor walk-up anymore (my climb up hills will also be easier as well). It is a 21 speed vs the 10 speed I had before so, again, my climbs up hills and bridges should be a little easier.

I’ll miss the old bike though. After riding it for nearly two years I didn’t realize how comfortable I was with it; I only found out after riding the new bike home. I knew how to react to the bumpy road on it; I knew exactly what gear I needed to be in for each hill in my ride; I knew how to relax on it. Spending 24 miles a day on it (riding to work) it became like an old friend. We were even in a bike accident together (the bike basically didn’t have a scratch (see above: it was a tank) and I was heavily bumped and bruised). I’ll miss my old friend but it will become someone else’s first New York City road bike.

The new bike I look forward upgrading over time. Since it was relatively affordable there are a few plastic components that I would like to upgrade over time (pedals, brake levers, etc.) Then as time goes on I would like to just get fancier components. As usual, I get heavily involved in all things that I like. Like my writing I take pride in what I have.

The other news is that I am switching jobs – I’ll still be at Blue Bottle – to become an apprentice roaster. It’ll be the first time in three years that I’ll be learning something new; it’ll be the first time in nine years that’ll I be doing something completely new. I am going into a completely foreign situation where I know very little, other than what I’ve researched and read, and the prospect couldn’t be more exciting. This is something I have wanted for two years. Three years ago I had never even seen a coffee roaster (the object not the person but to be fair I probably hadn’t met a coffee roaster either) and now I’ll have my hands on one and the product we sell here on the east coast will be roasted by me. I’ll have a direct hand in the coffee that a lot of New Yorkers have come to love. I try to put it into words but fall short of how important it makes me feel.

Exciting times are ahead.


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