New Job

This past Sunday I started a new position at Blue Bottle as an apprentice roaster. It is a position I have vied for the better part of two years. I could even say that I wanted to roast coffee the moment I laid eyes on a coffee roaster, for the first time, when I started at Blue Bottle nearly three years ago.

This is the first time I’m learning something completely new in at least 9 years and it is possibly one of the hardest things I will have ever had to learn. It isn’t a simple process of learning this trade. The amount of new information I’ve already taken in is mind spinning. Some execution can be learned relatively quickly (in a 3 month or so time span) but the rest (the theory and science behind everything) can take years.

I look forward to – working forever to – achieving mastery (or understanding it well enough) in this.

The field is constantly growing so my grasp of it will always be evolving and changing.

And the weird dreams that come with a new job have already begun.


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