Chapter 8 Part 3 (124)

He just stands there lost in space for a moment before coming back to himself.

“Ahem. So what do you want to do today?” Your dad left for work early. They’ve got him air sampling at the World Trade Center site I think probably for the rest of the summer That building is finally goin’ up. And quick. Years a politics Shame Anyways we can go to the park, see some attractions, haven’t been a tourist myself in ages but we could just stay in the apartment as well. Kick our feet up watch some telly play some pool?”

I felt like I was out of breath and I wasn’t even the one speaking. He spoke in run on sentences and his face was even redder than before. Jeez. Some people’s sense of familiarity (even among family) makes me uncomfortable.

I shrugged.

“Alright kiddo. I get it, just settlin’ in. When you do figure out what you want to get up to you just give me a holler I’ll be in front of the telly Yer aunt is at work, me, I’m retired, was a police officer, they let you retire early…”

He trailed off. I must have been making a face because just says, “Okay okay I’m done.”

It was hard to believe that this was my father’s brother. It was like night and day not to mention the fact that I don’t think I’ve heard my father say that many words in my entire life.


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