The Vacationers Review (130)

As I have mentioned before The Vacationers by Emma Straub is something that I was looking forward to reading not just because of the book it was but because I found it refreshing (it has been on my reading list since I got an advance copy before it came out and never read it). This might have slighted my hand (in the book’s favor) though I did really enjoy it.

Maybe at the risk of sounding spoilery this book leads one to believe that a two week vacation can solve every problem a family has. And maybe that isn’t believable. But is it impossible? No, it’s probably not that either.

It really was just a joy to read. But if you don’t want to read about a family and their problems then this isn’t the book for you. Is it perfect? No, it isn’t. Like I said the material is maybe too serendipitous but when the writing is this good and enjoyable to read does it matter that much?


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