The Summer So Far (134)

Though we are only half-way through it I’d have to call this the most successful summer yet – at least as parents. And though once upon a time I thought I wouldn’t, couldn’t, gauge it that way, everything I do is for them. At this isn’t the sappy story where the person on the outside should wonder if I am the person that I always was instead of someone eaten by life with children. No. I still see bands that I want to see, I still play video games, write, exercise, read, etc. There might a bit less of everything but it is all about finding that balance.

But the “success” of the summer is measured by the things I get to do with my children.

For example. This past week we took the kids to Sesame Place and despite a very vomit filled first hour of driving we made it there safely and had a most excellent time. I always worry – as is made valid by previous experience – that this thing that I am so excited for the kids or kid to do will not resonate in the way that I had hoped or perhaps they just weren’t feeling it that day. Luckily that wasn’t the case this time. The kids didn’t want to leave the water, Avery liked the rides she went on and Harper was just overjoyed seeing her favorite Sesame Street characters in real life. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We also made a trip to Central Park for a picnic with my close friend – and former high school librarian – and her husband. It was a joy to spend so much time with her after not doing so since I left high school (I had only seen her one other time). Watching the kids around her is something that when recalled will always bring a smile to my face. And not to mention getting to discuss books in person. And having my wife finally meet her. A perfect day really.

We also made it to the beach once this summer. I hope to make it more but I have been begging Cindy for years (for this one time; she doesn’t like the beach) so we’ll see. I think after the successful trip to Sesame Place and how much Avery talks about playing in the sand it’ll be inevitable.

To round out our summer we just need to make it to the zoo and that is something we do almost every summer.


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