My Battle with the reading of Short Stories (142)

I love short stories.

In theory.

They are of a perfect length to read in a quick sitting. They often give you a perfect snippet of an author’s writing. They can leave you wanting more or attached to a character after just a few short pages. They can leave you with a satisfying feeling that you won’t find in some novels. There’s just no place for the filler. Only a place for the message, the characters and the ordeal. It can be a conversation with an old friend or a lost artifact – found.

I love short stories.

I’m not sure I like short story collections.

I’m currently reading Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. The stories are wonderful, heart-wrenching, sometimes confusing, but always well guided. But after each one I’m pulled out and thrust into a new story with conflicting themes, ideals, etc. I find it quite jarring. Or maybe it is poorly put together? Like I said. The stories. They are wonderful. But maybe as a whole they aren’t flowing together. Hmm. We might see this theme come up again in my review.


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