A Check-In On My Shortcomings (as a person who posts every day) (151)

I haven’t written about my writing lately. Not that it has been a long time since I’ve done it but I wanted to revisit my goal of a post for every day of the year. I couldn’t possibly imagine, or nor do I want to calculate, how many posts I would have to write for every day of the year if I were to accomplish the goal.

But I also haven’t given up. I hope at least that remains obvious. I’m updating as often as I can but I also let myself fall into habits of not updating for multiple days at a time. I am only doing myself a disservice. It was, an hasn’t, become work though there are days where, of course, it is harder than others.

I now have so many different little threads going that I shouldn’t be at a loss. I have to finish rewriting the little novella guy. I have a scary story I’m writing that will break my rule of everything written must be posted that day. I have four or five other ideas for short stories. I can, and will, revisit Harley and Sven (very soon).

So thank you to all have followed me throughout the year, new and old, and I hope that the remainder of the year is as exciting as the first eight and a half months have been.


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