One Week Left [Fiction] (152)

She was one of the first to walk into the cafeteria so, in turn, she was one of the first to witness the scene before her.

Susie was sobbing. Sven nowhere in sight. Harley knew what had transpired of course; Sven told Harley last night. The reign of Susie was at end and Harley felt no need to perform a victory dance – Sven was leaving in a week.

Harley was definitely sad but not because she would never have her chance to be with Sven. That ship would never sail and Sven had finally told her as much. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive, or cool, or any other social status that might matter in school. It was what her parents had said all along. She was too young. At the time it didn’t make the hurt any less, if anything, it made it hurt worse because she couldn’t do anything about the years that separated them.

Instead of ignoring Sven afterward she found that they only became closer. They were the best of friends. And her parents were going to let her visit, with their accompaniment, Sven in Russia.

But for now she would comfort Susie.


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