Thoughts on Destiny in Year 2 [Video Game Thoughts] (157)

I don’t think I’ve encountered a game like Destiny before or at least I don’t recall spending time with a game the way I have with Destiny. If I have it was when I had a lot more time in my life to play games and my time then wasn’t as important to me as it is now.

But I’ve always wanted a game like Destiny – one that sinks its claws into you, keeping you always coming back for more and one that you could spend time with friends in or go it alone (maybe meeting someone along the way) – but I don’t think it existed yet. I dabbled with World of Warcraft and League of Legends (both known as notoriously addicting games) but it didn’t take. But then Bungie was making an MMO shooter. And it turned out okay. But mostly I felt wronged in some way, by the company that brought me my favorite game saga – Halo, and I stopped playing after less than three months.

Fast-forward a year and of the 8+ total days (game time) that I’ve spent in Destiny at least half of that time has been spent playing these past three months.

What brought me back was The Moments of Triumph. What kept me there was the plethora of new content brought back The Taken King expansion.

I’ve definitely struggled with my new addiction but I also think I’ve found the balance of where it belongs. Just in time for Halo 5 to come out.


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