Modern Romance by Aziz Ansar [Book Review] (158)

“Reading” this book was really interesting because I listened to it. I’m not usually a fan of audio books but I thought it would be different as it is read by Aziz Ansari and being that there was no plot to follow I wouldn’t get lost in my own thoughts (which is what had happened previously when I listened to audio books).

This one was easy to follow along.

I initially thought that this book would be more of a memoir of Aziz’s modern dating experience (as he talked about it in his most recent special on Netflix) but instead was a sociology book on how our phone’s affect the modern dating world.

It was a pleasure to read and I highly recommend the audio book as he adds little snippets here and there that are not written in the book.

The only downside for me was that all the findings seemed really obvious but it was still nice to see statistics and examples to back it all up.


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