American Gods by Neil Gaiman [Book Review] (159)

This is the second time I have read American Gods. It had been so long since I had read it, before the tenth anniversary version came out four years ago, that I forgot most of the details of the book.

When reading it again it all came rushing back like a lost memory. I think I enjoyed the second read more than the first. I remember when I read it the first time that I thought it was dense. This time, not so much.

This time I read the Tenth Anniversary version but couldn’t tell you what was different because, like I said, I don’t remember the details. I will say that some of the dream sequences seemed to drag or not be necessary.

Anyone who hasn’t read that this book, that is a fan of fantasy, needs to.

The concept on the most basic level is this:

What if gods were real and they lived amongst us?

There is a war coming between new gods and old and Shadow (a man who just lost his wife and has spent the past three years in prison) is thrust into the middle of it when an odd man named Mr. Wednesday offers him a job as a bodyguard.


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