Why I Do Movember (162)

The first time I did Movember, growing a mustache through the month of November to help gain awareness for men’s health I was doing it for fun (I had never really grown facial hair in earnest before and I thought it would be fun), five years ago I had no idea the thing Movember would become. Since then Movember has become a huge platform for changing the face (pun intended) of men’s health.

Men aren’t aware of the potential health risks that can affect them later in life and if they are aware they are like me and put their head in the sand and wait until the last possible minute to do something about it. This is one reason I continue to do Movember every year.

One thing the Movember Foundation focuses on is mental health. Since I have started doing Movember I have started focusing on my own mental health. Four years ago I started seeing a psychologist and it has made all the difference. My biggest tip here is to not be afraid of talking to someone. You aren’t bigger than it and we all need someone to talk to.

Heart disease is another focus of Movember and heart disease runs in my family. We need to take care of our hearts and stay active. I think it is part of the reason I have been vegetarian for 10 plus years. My grandfather passed away due to heart related complications after a heart surgery. He was one of my favorite people on this planet. He is the main reason I  continue to do Movember every year.

So I ask, even if you don’t donate, that you visit my page and see what Movember is all about.

And at the very least – thank you for reading this.


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